Sunday, October 29, 2017

Crocodile Park with KPMG

28th Oct 2017

19 volunteers from KPMG gave our 2nd and 3rd class students a fun filled day at the crocodile park. 

The morning was spent learning about reptiles and snakes.

Thank you dear volunteers from KPMG.

Cyber etiquettes

27th Oct 2017

KPMG volunteers Ms Aparna and Mr Sriram conducted a workshop on good practices while using the internet. A much needed workshop as our children start using the internet more and more...

As reported by our teacher Mrs Rajeswari:

Cyber café workshop is conducted on Friday-27.10.2017as per the schedule given.
             Ms.Aparna and Mr.Sriram  came  from KPMG and conducted workshop between 3.00 to 4.00pm.Also they have interacted with children. 
            Ms.Sabita mam and two teachers (Ms.Gracelily and Ms.Rajeswari) and from class VI to VIII std students attend the workshop. It is really interesting and essential for our children.
      This  workshop mainly motivates the  students how carefully they can use Internet, Facebook, Google search and play store games. Also they given enough guidelines if   any problem arises.
Content of  Workshop:
      * Do not share your password
  (Password should not have the details like Name, Age and DOB).
        *It may contain alphabets and some symbols.
          Turn off GPS while posting updates and data online.
3.Kid Keyword:
 Don’t share your photos, videos and message to all.    Specific options are available to share information to limited persons ,so that we can use those options.
         Think before you share your data online.
           Do not reveal personal information when playing games online.
           Take parents or teachers or elders guidelines while  going for new Entery.
           Don’t use credit cards for recharging the games.
5.Bully-Bull Dog:
           If any stranger get your information and activating  you to involve any misbehavior immediately avoid those connections.
           Be a friend, not a Bully.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Happy Deepavali

Wishing you and family

A Very Happy Deepavali!!

May the festival of lights, light up your hearts

and bring joy, peace and love to you and all your loved ones!

Have a wonderful celebration :-)

Sunday, September 24, 2017

GVTC empowers women!

24th Sept 2017

The number of women taking up vocational training has increased to 30!

14 women have taken up "Tailoring" and 16 women have taken up "Beauty Culture".

They are also given training in "Spoken English" as part of the curriculum. 

NIOS recognition

6th Sept 2017

One more milestone for our school!

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) has recognised our school towards the Open Basic Education Programme (OBE).

With this recognition, our students will start appearing in the NIOS exams for their 3rd, 5th and 8th standard gradings too. 

Gurukulam is proud to be a part of the OBE Programme. Our loving thanks to everyone who made this possible. 

A special mention of thanks to Shri P Ravi, Regional Director NIOS for his constant support and encouragement which has made this a reality! :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Puthri - Sept 2017

9th Sept 2017

Volunteers from Puthri once again held a workshop for our girl students to make our students more aware of their potential and possibilities. 

As reported by our teacher Mrs Rajeswari:

 Timing :10.00am to 12.00pm.
                    Three lady volunteers conducted the session. 

Ms.Sonu, Ms.Darus and Ms.Kajar.

                    Topic:TEAM WORK

                    The volunteers interacted with all the girls and conducted some activities.

                    The session went very nicely and was useful for our students.

Teachers Day Celebration!

5th Sept 2017

Teachers Day was celebrated with a lot of fun and games for the teachers - conducted by the students.

The students also put up dance and dramas to entertain the teachers.

All the students pooled in money as "Gurudakshana", the age old custom of honouring their teachers, and got gifts for the teachers. 

5 different games were conducted amidst huge fanfare :-)

1. Brick walk

2.Brain storm

3.Dart  Game

4.Memory Game 

5.Musical Chair

KFFL session for Sept 2017

9th Sept 2017

15 volunteers from KPMG worked with our children from the 7th and 8th standards as part of the KPMG's Family For Literacy (KFFL) initiative.

Each volunteer worked with a group of 2-3 children, and guided them in diction, pronunciation and punctuation. 

The volunteers also guided the students in the use of new words that they encountered. 

This continued work with the children is heart warming and a thoughtful gift to our children from KPMG.